Marine Construction
The Mid-Shore's Leader in Land & Marine Construction

Weems Brothers, Inc. is the Mid-Shore’s leader in marine construction, with 59 years of experience in the industry. Our company specializes in pier construction and shoreline stabilization projects. From design and permitting to the completed project, our approach is professional and detail oriented. We employ the latest technology and equipment to get your job done right.

Pier Construction
From the little Choptank to the Eastern Bay, Weems Brothers has installed and maintained piers with an unmatched level of quality and detail. We design the pier to fit our customers’ specific needs, and use only the finest materials with the right treatment for the job. You can’t go wrong with a Weems pier.

Riprap Revetment Construction
In 2006 alone, our company protected over 23,000 feet of shoreline in the Mid-shore region. Whether your property is at the head of a creek or on the open bay, we can design and install a revetment that is esthetically pleasing; and more importantly, functional. Our revetment designs utilize a filter cloth barrier with the appropriate height to channelward extent ratio. Revetment foundations are secured by a well established toe line. The proper class or size of stone is carefully matched to bank height and exposure. The entire project is finished off with hand-placed rocks used to fill the smaller voids and tighten the bond for a visually pleasing and long lasting structure. We take protecting your property VERY seriously.

Timber & Vinyl Bulkhead Construction
In the right application, bulkheads provide an excellent means of shoreline protection. We specialize in repairing existing bulkheads, as well as the design, permitting, and installation of new bulkheads. As always, we use the best materials and construction practices to ensure your new wall will last for years to come. The level of detail in our walls is second to none.

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